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To prepare for a nationwide unified long-distance dialing system, area codes were created in At the time, Alaska and Hawaii were not included. The most. countries and territories (total). AF - Africa, AN - Antartica, 5. AS - Asia, OC - Oceania, EU - Europe, NA - North America, SA - South. Remember to include the US country code (+1) when dialing from outside the United States. This code is necessary to establish an international connection to the. There are 9 calling zones: *1 - United States, Canada, and several Caribbean nations share the international calling code 1, with each US state (or parts of. ISO Alpha-2, Alpha-3, and Numeric Country Codes. ; ALA, Aland Islands, AX ; Albania, AL ; Algeria, DZ ; American Samoa, AS.

The two-letter country abbreviation for United States is US, the three-letter code is USA. Country-specific domains ending hokulacrosse.site, e.g. hokulacrosse.site While the United States country code is officially +1, it may also be referred to as the US country code or the American country code. However. 00 - the exit code to dial outside the States · 1 - the US country code · - the local DC area code · - the rest of the embassy's number. The American Samoa country code will allow you to call American Samoa from another country. American Samoa telephone code is dialed after the IDD. I think that change was made largely to free up phone numbers and make routing simpler, since there were more phones in the US/Canada than there. Get An America International Number With A Free Trial. Your america international number doesn't require any equipment to buy, setup fees to pay, or even. Zone 1: North American Numbering Plan (NANP) · 1 () –. Bahamas · 1 () –. Barbados · 1 () –. Anguilla · 1 () –. Antigua and Barbuda · 1 () –. British. The international dialing code for the USA is +1. This code is necessary to establish a connection with a US phone number when dialing from. Country Code List. Country. ISO Country Codes. Country Code. Afghanistan. AF / AFG. Albania. AL / ALB. Algeria. DZ / DZA. American Samoa. AS / ASM. If calling from a landline, replace the + sign with followed by 1 (US country code) and then the US area code and local number.

Country or Area, M49 code, ISO-alpha3 code. Afghanistan, , AFG. Åland Islands, , ALA. Albania, , ALB. Algeria, , DZA. American Samoa, , ASM. The international dialing code for the USA is +1. This code is necessary to establish a connection with a US phone number when dialing from. All countries in the Americas use codes that start with "5", with the exception of the countries of the North American Numbering Plan, such as Canada and. Dial 1, which is the US country code. Enter the area code. Type in the seven-digit phone number. Area Codes in the US. Each state in the USA has multiple area. Calling the USA: +1 is the USA Country Code · Calling the UK: +44 Country Code for the UK · Calling Mexico: +52 is the Country Code for Mexico · Calling India: + US/Canada toll free (see , , , , , , ). , UT, -7, Utah: Salt Lake City Metro (see split , eff 3/30/02; see also split ). , VT. Subdivisions ; state, US-GA, Georgia ; outlying area, US-GU, Guam (see also separate country code entry under GU) ; state, US-HI, Hawaii ; state, US-ID, Idaho. Country Codes ; +1,, CA ; +1,, US ; +,, BS. Country Codes Alpha-2 & Alpha-3 ; American Samoa, AS, ASM ; Andorra, AD, AND ; Angola, AO, AGO ; Anguilla, AI, AIA.

Dial the exit code of 00 and then the US country code of 1, followed by the toll-free prefix, and the 7-digit toll-free number. United States Phone Number Example · Exit code – 00 (+) · US country code – 1 · – local DC area code · – embassy number. Calling the United States explained: · 1 - North American long distance prefix · area code - 3 digit area codes · local phone number - 7 digits · Canada to USA. So, to make an international call to the USA, you need to dial + “1” (the US country code) + US area code> +. Make an international call: First you dial the prefix-number (for most countries 00) + then the calling code number for the country + the area code (the city or.

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